The point of this website is to encourage participants to join in a virtual research community, pool knowledge, exchange ideas and generally help one another’s research. I hope this can be an interesting, informal and profitable way to develop new and interesting research directions. In order to comply with fair use policies on images, parts of this website requires a password.

You may, of course, wish to draw on some of the material that you come across on this website in your own publications or presentations. In such cases, may I ask you to follow a few points of etiquette, which I believe are good practice in terms of scholarly citation?

If you wish to use an image from this website, unless the image is specifically cited as originating from a public source, you must seek permission from the collection to which the image belongs (normally indicated in ‘image location’ or in the caption).

With a printed source, you may be able to find a corresponding image in your own institution or elsewhere, but if it is the case that your attention was drawn to an image through somebody’s blog, it is good practice to specify that this was the case, citing that person’s name (e.g.: ‘my attention was drawn to this image by John Another’).

Similarly, with any comments on the blog that you have benefited from, it is good practice to acknowledge such assistance (e.g.: I thank Jane Another for raising this point).

Please remember that the ability to acknowledge the help of others does not detract from one’s originality, but it is a recognition that we operate in an academic community where sharing expertise and knowledge is essential.

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If in doubt, do get in touch with the person who posted the original blog: you most probably share a few common research interests!