Alex Seltzer on Catesby

From Alex Seltzer – Catesby and physico-theology article published 20 Feb.,2016

Fieldfare of Carolina (c) The Royal Society

Announcing the publication of the following article by Alex Seltzer:  “Catesby’s Conundrums:  mixing representation with metaphor,”  The British Art Journal, XVI no. 3 (Winter 2015/16), 82-92.  The author argues that some of Catesby’s “illogical” combinations of plants and animals for his Natural History of Carolina must be taken as metaphors promoting the argument from design.  Similarities or dichotomies between plants and animals conform with notions derived from physico-theology that many virtuosi embraced.  Catesby’s odd pairings promote the concept of the “Book of Nature” as promoted by the Cambridge Platonists, Robert Boyle, John Ray and William Derham.

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    CORRECTION: I conflated my two e-mail addresses in my Catesby article announcement! The correct E-mail address for Alex Seltzer is:

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