Early Modern Ephemerality and Durability Conference

On 24/25 May, several of our network members are speaking at the following meeting; do come along if you can!

CRASSH @ Cambridge

CRASSH @ Cambridge

Ephemerality and Durability in early modern Visual and Material Culture at CRASSH, University of Cambridge

Further details at: http://www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/events/2408/programme/

24 May (F):

Session 1

From Feathers to Stone to Skin: Ephemeral Materiality and the Case of Central Mexican Featherwork
Brendan McMahon (University of Southern California)

Respondent: Natalie Lawrence (University of Cambridge)

Chair: Professor Simon Schaffer (University of Cambridge)

Session 2

The Ephemeral Golden Age: Fernando de la Torre Farfán’s Ode to the Seville School
Ellen Dooley
(University of Southern California)

Respondent:Dr José Ramón Marcaida (University of Cambridge)

Chair: Professor Jacob Soll

Session 3

Landscapes of War and Empire: The Case of William Wolfgang Römer
Nicholas Gliserman (University of Southern California)

Respondent: Katy Barrett (University of Cambridge)

Chair: Dr Richard Serjeantson

Session 4

Collecting the Crusade in Grand Ducal Florence
Sean Nelson (University of Southern California)

Respondent: Raymond Carlson (University of Cambridge)

Chair: Dr Jason Scott Warren (University of Cambridge)

Ephemerality and Print: Object sessions in the University Library, led by Dr Elizabeth Upper, Harriet Philipps, and Michelle Wallis (Please note that due to limitations of space this session is for invited participants only)

Keynote Lecture: Ephemeral Matter
Professor Peter Stallybrass (University of Pennsylvania)

25 May (Sat):

Session 1

Ephemeral Walls/Durable Memories: Sounding Out Architecture in Early Modern Italy
Dr Niall Atkinson (University of Chicago)

Conspicuously not for Consumption: Schauessen and Early Modern Court Culture
Dr Jessica Keating (University of Southern California)

Chair: Dr Mary Laven (University of Cambridge)

Session 2

Materiality, Ephemerality and Memory: Relics in Early Modern England
Professor Alexandra Walsham (University of Cambridge)

Natures nest of Boxes’: Thinking with Containers in Early Modern England
Dr Lucy Razzall (Cambridge):

Chair: Dr Melissa Calaresu (University of Cambridge)

Session 3

The Giant of Antwerp: Durability and Materiality in Early Modern Festival Culture
Professor Christine Göttler (University of Bern)

Preservation and Image-making in the Early Modern World.  The Case of the Bird of Paradise
Dr José Ramón Marcaida (University of Cambridge)

Chair: Dr Elizabeth Upper (University of Cambridge)

Session 4

Material Mimesis: Tracing Long-term Connections in Cross-cultural Renaissance Objects
Dr Marta Ajmar (V&A/RCA)

Matter in the Material Renaissance
Dr Ulinka Rublack (University of Cambridge)

Chair: Dr Alexander Marr (University of Cambridge)

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