A new book: Knowing Nature

Knowing Nature: Art and Science in Philadelphia, 1740-1840, edited by Amy R. W. Meyers; With the assistance of Lisa L. Ford, 2011.  Yale

Though about a slightly later period, this book may be of interest. High-quality illustrations throughout, as we would expect from Yale and the Yale Centre for British Art. For book historians, the article on colour-printing would be of particular interest.


Margaret Pritchard, A Protracted View: The Relationship between Mapmakers and Naturalists in Recording the Land

Therese O’Malley, Cultivated Lives, Cultivated Species: The Scientific Garden in Philadelphia 1740-1840

Joel T. Fry, America’s “Ancient Garden”: The Bartram Botanic Garden 1728-1850

Mark Laird, The Other Eden: The American Connection in Georgian Pleasure Grounds, from Shrubbery and Menagerie to Aviary and Flower Garden

Amy R. M. Meyers, From Nature and Memory: William Bartram’s Drawings of North American Flora and Fauna

Alicia Weisberg-Robert, Surprising Oddness and Beauty: Textile Design and Natural History between London and Philadelphia in the Eighteenth Century

Janice L. Neri, Cultivating Interiors: Philadelphia, China and the Natural World

Robert McCracken Peck, Illustrating Nature: Institutional Support for Art and Science in Philadelphia, 1770-1830

Alexander Nemerov, The Rattlesnake: Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Place of Art in America

James N. Green, Hand-Coloring versus Color Printing: Early-Nineteenth-Century Natural History Color-Plate Books

Lisa L. Ford: A World of Uses, Philadelphia’s Contributions to Useful Knowledge in François-André Michaux’s North American Sylva

Robert S. Cox, The Pious Pursuit of Agriculture: Nature, Culture, and Exchange in Quaker-Seneca Missions

Kenneth Haltman, The Pictorial Legacy of Lewis and Clark

Alexander Nemerov, A World Too Much: Democracy and Natural History in Godman and Audubon

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