Katherine Acheson’s Research Interests

My recent research has connected the rhetoric of printed imagery, especially diagrammatic and non-narrative images, with technical and conceptual features of the literature of 17th c. England. I have a book coming out sometime soon (Visual Rhetoric and English Literature in the Age of Milton and Marvell ) that has chapters on military diagrams, garden design, the sundial, and Marvell’s Upon Appleton House; on dichotomous tables and Milton’s Paradise Lost; on natural history illustration, Aesop’s Fables, and Margaret Cavendish’s animal poems; and on illustrations in manuals of writing and drawing instruction and Marvell’s “Last Instructions.” Parts of the first chapter were published in English Literary Renaissance in 2011 (41: 1, 146-188), and parts of the third in Printed Images in Early Modern Britain (ed. Michael Hunter) and in the Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies (9(2009)2: 25-50).

My research on natural history illustrations has focused on examples of the beaver, and my new research project is a visual history of the Canadian beaver. I’d be delighted if people let me know if they come across examples that might belong in that project.

Leonard and Thomas Digges, An arithmeticall militare treatise, named Stratioticos (London, 1579). Folger Shakespeare Library.

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