Original drawings for Conrad Gessner’s Historia animalium

At the National Library of Portugal, Lisbon, where  an international conference was held (2/3 February) on the topic of  ‘Libraries and the Scientific Book (XV-XVIII centuries): objects, spaces and ideas‘, Dr Florike Egmond presented her discovery of the original drawings (of quadrupeds and fishes) for Conrad Gessner’s Historia animalium. Her article on these drawings is imminent from the Journal of the History of Collections.  I have asked Dr Egmond to write a post about her discovery soon.

The conference itself was highly enjoyable and instructive, with a good focus on the history of the book and libraries;  it was most impressive and heart-warming to see how a national library was actively supporting research activities in the history of science.

Visitors to this site may also be interested to note that 19 of Sloane’s books (auctioned in the 18th century as duplicates in the BL) may be found in the Oporto Public Library (Júlio Manuel Rodrigues da Costa) – the data are already incorporated in the database: Sloane Printed Books.

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2 Responses to Original drawings for Conrad Gessner’s Historia animalium

  1. minervabird says:

    Dr Egmond will be speaking at the University of Oxford on this topic on 3 May 2012 at 3 pm as part of the Cultures of Knowledge Seminar Series. Her talk will be held in the Colin Matthews Room in the History Faculty on George Street. For our upcoming schedule, see: http://www.history.ox.ac.uk/cofk/events/seminars-2011-12

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