News and Noteworthy

Please write a post under the category of ‘News and Noteworthy’ anything that you think others would find useful.

For example, a note about your recent or forthcoming or even old but out-of-the-way publications (perhaps with a brief description) can be very helpful – unless we know each other and are in the habit of exchanging offprints, we can easily miss a paper of yours that turns out to be all-important for us.  Moreover, you might want to draw scholars’ attention to little-known or under-used manuscripts, archives and drawings in libraries and museums. There may be websites and on-going research projects that are relevant to those interested in the themes of this website. You are also welcome to draw attention to up-coming workshops, conferences, lectures, seminars or talks that would be of particular interest to us; and it would be very helpful if you could post a review (and it doesn’t have to be very long!) of such meetings or lectures afterwards if you attend any of them.

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